Who are we?

Multitasking artists, free spirits who love life and enjoy exploring new art dimensions. Our art is an interpretation of our vision of life and surrounding world. Visual performances help us to express our understanding of music and establish a special connection with public.

Our passion

Visual Performance

Visuals in synchronisation to music create a very special atmosphere and let people enjoy a mind-blowing experience.

A/V Installation

All the types of interactive audio and video installations including video mapping and live performance on major stage shows, fashion shows etc.

Light Installations

Light design, light sculptures and installation, light shows.


Do you like our style? but already shoot a video or photo? we can make post-production, motion design

Orkhan Mammad (Origraphy)

Founder, Art Director

Leila Akhundova

Copywriter & PR

Vladimir Mitichenko (VMT)

3D & Visual artist

Dashgin Ahmad

Motion design artist, Video editor

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