Geceler Kecir – DiHaj

This video clip represents a collaborative cross-disciplinary art work of artists from Azerbaijan. It is a cover version of a popular Azerbaijani song of the 80s ‘Geceler kechir’. Singer and music producer DiHaj together with multi-tasking artist Orkhan Mammad and photographer Emin Mathers created a marvellous synthesis of astonishing visuals and hypnotic vibes of electronic music. While song tells us a story of passing nights, visual performance takes us to the trip through the universe flickering in the dark showing the fragments of divine nature.

Video: Beyond the Scope
Emin Mathers, Origraphy, Dashgin Ahmed
Music: Eldar Mansurov
Lyrics: Vahid Aziz
Song production: DiHaj a.k.a Diana Hajiyeva
Mixing and mastering engineer: Igor LOOPer Garanin

beyond the scope © 2016

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